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If you’re thinking of investing, don’t wait too long

We’re in the midst of a significant shift in population movement and migration, and as a result, in property investment. There’s a small window to take advantage of this unprecedented change in market trends.

“Frustrated tenants are pulling out all the stops to secure a rental property in coastal hotspots, with some offering $200 extra a week or paying 12 months’ rent in advance.

Vacancy rates have plunged as remote workers have been leaving major cities during the pandemic, making it harder for locals to find accommodation themselves.” 

These are the opening lines in a Domain article published on January 9th, Rental vacancy rates drop in coastal towns due to sea-change trend.

Families are moving

Research has found green spaces are important for health and wellbeing particularly during Covid.

So it’s not surprising that there’s been a mass exodus from Melbourne and Sydney – into regional areas or interstate. Our team is helping more families than usual to invest – or move – to these areas. My family have recently moved to the Sunshine Coast ourselves.

People are moving to regional and interstate areas – in droves. But you’re not alone if you’re not sure about investing so far from home.

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Is it really a good idea to invest away from where you live?

It’s understandable if you’re wondering how this could work. If you think:

“We want it to be close to home”

“We can’t possibly invest interstate”

“Who would move to the country?”

“We need to check in on the place”

Covid has shown us how much is possible without being physically present. Our work lives have transformed – and we’ve all learned to adapt. Thrive. And expect to keep the flexibility and wonderful lifestyle possibilities we’ve discovered.

Still, it’s a lot of money to invest and it’s common to feel unsure about investing without seeing what you’re investing in. It seems too risky.

Good thing about property, unlike other investments such as shares or bitcoin, is you can actually see the property – even if it hasn’t been built yet. For years we’ve been able to show families what their new investment properties will look like and feel like through a unique online portal with:

  • Plans and pictures of properties, estates, and amenities
  • Detailed research and analysis about the area
  • Exclusive insight into future development plans

On the property portal, you’ll get to shop around Australia for investment properties within your budget and preferences. You’ll have access to properties that suit your investing goals and situation. Without leaving home.

This is how you can take advantage of the unique opportunities for property investors with mass exodus from major cities.

The online portal is the first of its kind in Australia, developed by our partner the ASPIRE Property Advisor Network. The acquisitions team regularly scouts Australia for areas and properties using a set of stringent selection guidelines to give you great opportunity for capital growth.

You won’t be getting property suggestions based on crystal balling or hot spot commentating as you’ve likely heard in the media. No, you’ll get a range of property options that have ticked all the boxes for a solid property investment, including:

  • Scarcity of land and property
  • Population growth
  • Infrastructure
  • Employment
  • Amenities
  • Builder industry experience and reputation

The acquisition team physically visits sites, speaking to builders, property managers, and others in the industry. Before, during, and after builds to keep track of progress and advocate for you if needed.

So you see, although you might not physically be near your property, you can be sure our experienced team has done a thorough investigation for you.

And we’ll be here to keep you from common rookie investor mistakes, keep you on track with successful property investing principles, connect you with reputable professionals – and answer any questions for you throughout your investment journey. Even after your property has been tenanted.


  • Online property portal to see a range of great valued properties around Australia
  • On the ground acquisitions team to investigate, check progress, and advocate
  • Your own investment advisor to guide you every step of the way and make it a smooth, easy process
  • Network of reputable, experienced contacts who will work together to make your experience simple, safe and efficient.

This is how many families feel comfortable successfully investing away from home – and enjoyed the process.

What they say about investing away from home

We are really happy with how the property turned out. Thanks for helping us with this investment along the way, you guys and ASPIRE have been really professional and helpful in getting everything sorted for me.
– Stephen and Min

You have made our venture into the investment property world a lot easier and more enjoyable. We appreciate all the advice, service and support you have given us over the journey so far. Everyone of your contacts have worked out to be just as helpful and easy to work with. 
– Bruce and Leah Morrison

Personalisation of service, having investors best interests looked after, ease of communication, great range of additional services to make property acquisition easy.
– Ashley Rowe

Pessimism has changed to optimism for investors

The uncertainty during Covid caused many investors to hold back. Yet that has changed:

“Record low interest rates played a key role in supporting housing market activity, along with a spectacular rise in consumer confidence as COVID-related restrictions were lifted and forecasts for economic conditions turned out to be overly pessimistic”  – Tim Lawless, CoreLogic research director in Property poised for a strong start to 2021

If you’re in the right position, don’t rush – but don’t wait too long either. This window of opportunity in the market won’t stay open long.

4 Enticing benefits of investing in interstate or regional areas

People are moving for gorgeous lifestyle locations, near beaches, forests, and parks – along with all the conveniences you’d expect from a city – within a few km or walking distance. Tenants are keen to secure rental properties. As an investor you can expect:

  • Better capital gains to make your investment worthwhile in the long run
  • Lower vacancy rates so your place will be constantly tenanted
  • Better value for your investment money than you’d get in your city

Avoid regret and take action to invest

With more and more people working remotely, they’re moving to lifestyle areas both regionally and interstate. This is creating unique property investment opportunities.

At Simple Property Investment we can show you those opportunities and how to benefit from them. This is an unprecedented time in the market and there’s a window of time for your family to be part of it.

Talk to us today. Fill in the contact form to book an informal, brief chat when it suits you.


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