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Want to buy an investment property in Brisbane?

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Get the best Brisbane property investment for your family

Want access to the best property options in Brisbane and around Queensland? We can help.

“You have made our venture into the investment property world a lot easier and more enjoyable. We appreciate all the advice, service and support you have given us over the journey so far. Every one of your contacts has worked out to be just as helpful and easy to work with.”

Bruce and Leah Morrison, Investors

Imagine you knew exactly what property to buy in Brisbane?

How would you feel if you got a great deal on an off-market property?

What would it do for you to have local Brisbane property investment professionals guiding you from start to finish?

We can help you get a great investment property in Brisbane or around Queensland like we’ve helped many other families:

With a proven plan and a team of experienced professionals dedicated to hunting down the best property for your family.

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Families who’ve bought investment properties in Brissie or other areas in Queensland

Below are case studies of families we’ve helped – and where they’ve bought properties in Brisbane or other parts of Queensland.

Our acquisitions team scouted for the best properties based on each family’s unique property strategy, personal situation, goals and risk preference.

Note: *Percentage growth has been calculated by either an average of independent real estate market appraisals or actual sales figures. ‘Super’ is referring to being owned by the investor’s Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

Frequently asked questions

I’m looking for an investment property in "suburb" in Brisbane – can you help me?

Our aim is to find investment properties with good value and good growth potential that suit your family’s strategy.

If you have a preference for a suburb in Brisbane, together we’ll check it first aligns with your strategy, then our acquisitions team will let us know if there are any good deals in the area.

We stay away from ‘hot spots’ as it’s usually hard to find well-valued properties in these areas by the time you’ve heard about them.

Is it better to live near the property I want to invest in?

Not necessarily. You don’t need to physically check on your property regularly to make sure all is well. In fact, sometimes that can cause unnecessary frustration.

You may think the area you live in would be a great place to invest because you love living there. This may be the case however in a lot of instances it may not.

It is important to know where each market is on the property cycle. You don’t want to be paying too much with it costing you a lot of out of pocket money in the hope that it will increase in value.

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Having an investment mindset (rather than a personal needs mindset) is very important.

Having a good property manager for regular inspections and having Landlord Protection Insurance means your property is taken care of, no matter how far away you live from your investment.

Ready to find the best investment property in Brisbane?

1. Discovery sessions

We’ll discuss your future aspirations, your investment goals, your financial situation, and next steps.

2. Follow a proven plan

Together we’ll create a unique plan and use it to find the best options that match your specific criteria.

3. Take charge of your future

Learn and implement our proven system to secure your family’s future, enjoy peace of mind, and live the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Take charge of your family’s future

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