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Couple planning for 10 properties before retirement

Family type: Couple – mid thirties

Investment strategy: Build a high performing property portfolio to secure their future

Property type: Townhouse x2 and house and land x1

Total investment properties in portfolio: 3

Location 1: Brisbane, QLD

Purchased: 4.5 years ago / Performance: 25.33% capital growth

Location 2: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Purchased: 4 years ago / Performance: 61.35% capital growth

Location 3: Ocean Grove, VIC

Purchased: 3 years ago / Performance: 66.19% capital growth

The couple’s goal

This couple have a big goal to have a well-diversified portfolio of 10 investment properties before retirement.

They are well underway with some good equity growth already to leverage into the fourth investment whilst being very cash-flow positive.

Get the right property investment.

Every family’s situation is unique. Your family deserves a customised plan. This will help you work out what is the right property for you.

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  • Understand how much you can borrow
  • Know fact from fiction when it comes to investing
  • Learn property investment tips
  • Get a plan and find the right property.
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