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It can be hard to know where to start. Talk to property investment specialists to help you plan and feel confident about your next steps.

“I had the best experience with simple property investment when I purchased my first investment property. They are honest, reliable and great value in the property investment industry. I would definitely use them again for any future purchases.”

— Diana Momanyi, Investors

Buying an investment property is one of the biggest purchases in any family’s life.

Mistakes can be costly, financially and emotionally.

It’s natural to wonder where to buy, whether it’s a competitive market price, and how to find good tenants quickly. These questions and more are why many Aussie families come to us for help.

Save yourself from the stress, time and money many Aussie families have wasted from not getting the right guidance from the start.

Our accredited property investment advisors can make your investment journey a success. You’ll be guided through a proven property investment planning process to help you find the right investment for your family.

Since 2009, Aussie families have found precious peace of mind by letting us help them build financial security. With so much going on in people’s lives, now more than ever is the time to take charge and create certainty for your future.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it a good time to buy real estate in Australia?

It is an exciting time as we’re in the midst of a significant shift in population movement and migration, and as a result, in property investment. Due to the pandemic, many people have realised they can work remotely and they have re-evaluated their priorities and lifestyle choices.

We have recently witnessed interest rates return to a more sustainable level for the overall economy. This has flicked the switch from being a ‘seller’s market’ to a ‘buyer’s market’ providing us with exceptional investment opportunities for those who are in a position to invest. Coupled with the lowest rental vacancy we’ve seen in a very long time and sky-rocketing rental returns, now is a great time to get in to the market.

I have been wanting to buy an investment property for many years, why is something holding me back?

There are a number of reasons that hold people back such as not knowing where to start, who to talk with to get advice or being overwhelmed with the options.

In a research study, 40% of adults discovered procrastination had caused them personal financial loss within the last year.

What is your motivation for investing in property? What would investing do for you personally, what would it do for your family? If you were to receive the results you desire, how would that make you feel? Don’t let procrastination cause you financial loss.

How can I help my kids get a leg up through property?

Every parent is worried about their child’s future. Being financially secure is more important than ever. What’s important is to use the right formula for your situation.

The good thing is, you have the power to set your kids up if you strategically invest. We can run you through proven strategies used by many Aussie families to help your kids.

We wish we’d started earlier. Is it too late to invest?

Every family and every situation is different. Our free consultation will give you an idea about whether you’re in the position to invest – and if not, what you could do next.

We don’t have much to invest. Can we still do something?

Many of our clients are families paying off a family home with kids still in school. On one or one-and-a-half incomes.

Every situation is different but be assured that if you are in this situation it is most likely possible now, or in the near future, for you to make your hard-earned money do more for you.

That’s what we’re here for.

Do we have to pay off our house before we can invest?

No. In fact, investing in property may help pay your home off more quickly with the correct strategy. Your home can be an important source of equity to help buy a property.

Can we still go on our family holidays?

Absolutely. We all need to enjoy the now, especially with kids who still want to spend time with us.

We’ll help you put together a strategy that will include you going on regular holidays, and you’ll keep doing all those activities that really matter to your family.

Do I need a property investment advisor?

Like anything, if you are looking for advice it is best to get that advice from an expert. Even the best tennis players in the world have coaches.

Buying an investment property or building a strategic portfolio are very important decisions that can have beneficial outcomes if done correctly however they can also be negatively life changing if the wrong decisions are made.

Make sure you choose carefully who you get your advice from. Make sure they are a QPIA™ and have Professional Indemnity Insurance to give property investment advice. Ask to see these qualifications and certificates.

Is it hard to finance an investment property?

It depends on your situation. We’ll look at your situation together and if needed, we can put you in touch with our network of financial professionals who specialise in helping families get finance for their property investment.

What families are saying

David D
David D
Nick and Sarah were very helpful throughout our entire journey with them. Never had a problem communicating with their team either as one of them would always assist when needed. They are very friendly and professional and are highly recommended.
Ami Barot
Ami Barot
Working with Simple Property Investment-Sarah and Nick has been an amazing and smooth experience. They provided guidance and assistance starting from picking the right location to the completion of the property, based on the investment strategy. Never had such simple and easy experience when it came to investing in property as all the hard work is done by the Simple Property Investment. Would definitely work with them again in future. Thanks Sarah and Nick.
James Crook
James Crook
Nick and Sarah helped identify the ideal type of property investment that suited us, and then sourced the builder and handled the whole process throughout the purchase and build. It was invaluable to have someone guiding us through and answering questions, and making sure we didn't miss anything. Highly recommended!
Steven Jones
Steven Jones
The team at Simple Property Investment were amazing from start to finish. They always kept us up to date with everything that was happening and showed tremendous professionalism in the process. I would recommend Nick and Sarah to anyone wanting to start or continue in their property investment journey.
Helena Palavi
Helena Palavi
Nick and Sarah went beyond and above. We were supported every step of the way. Highly recommend going with Simple Property. Thank you Nick and Sarah
Thulisile Moyo
Thulisile Moyo
The whole process of building my investment property was easily and l was kept informed of what was going on. This was such a relief because l was in NSW and could not travel to inspect the property. A massive thank you to the simple property investment team. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you once again Thuli
Bruce Morrison
Bruce Morrison
5 years ago my wife and I decided to enter the property market. Our first problem was were do we start. After some discussions with friend we were pointed in the direction of Nick at Simple Property Investment. We had a ambitious plan to purchase 5 investment properties in 5 years. We did not quite make this target but have just found our first tenants for our 4th property. I would like to take this opportunity to again thank Sarah and Nick for all of your help and guidance. You have steered us through the maze of Property Investment not only with this property but also with our previous properties. Your advice and contacts (all of which we have found to be trustworthy, professional and a please to work with) have been invaluable.
Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong
Simple Property Investment made our first investment property a breeze. Nick, Sarah and their team kept us up-to-date with the whole process. We now have tenants in the property at the originally estimated rental amount with potential for growth. They come highly recommended and most importantly, the process was SIMPLE. We will be back for our next investment property!
Diana Momanyi
Diana Momanyi
I had the best experience with simple property investment when I purchased my first investment property. They are honest, reliable and great value in the property investment industry. The personal touch that they delivered is exceptional. They guided me through every step of the seemingly daunting process as a first time investor. I would highly recommend using their services and I would definitely use them again for any future purchases. God bless this amazing team.
Honest and knowledgeable. A rare combination in the property investment industry.

Today we visited our property for the first time since it was completed in 2020. I must say we have been lucky so far with our tenants.

About the property, we have not had any issues with it since completion or any defects that needed rectification. The quality of the building seems very high in deed and we are very happy with it.

Thank you for making the process easy and assisting with the last minute hurdles.

Jason and Tania

From the moment I met Nick I felt at ease, trusting in an uncomplicated, well researched, low risk property investment strategy. The first property I have invested in has been tenanted for the whole period and has appreciated in value. They truly are the "good guys…"

Allan WilliamsGeelong, Victoria

You have made our venture into the investment property world a lot easier and more enjoyable. We appreciate all the advice, service and support you have given us over the journey so far. Everyone of your contacts have worked out to be just as helpful and easy to work with.

Bruce and Leah MorrisonMelbourne, Victoria

I liked that it was personalised, and tailored to my needs.

Gary EastwoodGreensborough, Victoria

The knowledge of the staff was great and nothing was a problem for them.

Tony MurphyRomsey, Victoria

Personalisation of service, having investors best interests looked after, ease of communication, great range of additional services to make property acquisition easy.

Ashley RoweManor Lakes, Victoria

Personalised attention, friendly and trustworthy.

Ash and Ashwini ChaphekarHawthorn, Victoria

We are really happy with how the property turned out. Thanks for helping us with this investment along the way, you guys and ASPIRE have been really professional and helpful in getting everything sorted for me. We look forward to working with you guys again in the future if the opportunity arises.

Stephen and MinMelbourne, Victoria

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