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New Australians onto their second property

Family type: New Australians

Investment strategy: Diversified portfolio with capital growth as the primary focus initially with cash-flow important towards retirement.

Property type: House and Land x 2

Total investment properties in portfolio: 1 and another almost completed

Location 1: Berwick, VIC

Purchased: 4.5 years ago / Performance: 56.47% capital growth

Location 2: Baringa, Sunshine Coast, QLD (Almost complete)

Purchased: Off-plan 1 year ago / Performance: 11% capital growth (before completion)

The couple’s goal

This family relocated to Australia 7 years ago and bought their principal place of residence. They then used the equity in their home to leverage into their first investment property in Melbourne.
With the success of that, they felt comfortable investing interstate in the next growth area and also to diversify their portfolio.

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