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We would like to help you make this happen.

With current favourable market conditions and interest rates the lowest they have ever been, now is an ideal time to invest in property (if it sutis your situation and long-term strategy of course).

However, it is important to make sure you invest correctly – there is a right way and a wrong way…

Build wealth without much change to your current lifestyle

  • Easy to understand discussion about your situation and how property investment can set you up for life.

Know your money is working for you while you sleep

  • Access hundreds of investment opportunities Australia-wide that can give you capital growth and income.

Set yourself up for your ideal retirement – without the pension

  • Make low interest rates work in your favour. Take advantage of them now to set up your property portfolio.

Don’t pay more tax than you need to

  • Work with the tax man not against him. Use the law to your advantage and turn your retirement goals into reality.

We encourage you to speak to an experienced, qualified and insured Property Investment Advisor. Create and implement your own investment strategy – to give you peace of mind that your future (and your family’s) will be taken care of.

Call 1300 82 83 08 for a complimentary 1 hour in-home consultation to plan how you can get maximum tax benefits in the 2015-16 financial year.

Nick Holden

Nick Holden is the Founder of Simple Property Investment and an insured, qualified Property Investment Advisor under the ASPIRE Network industry body. He is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and Cert IV Financial Services (Finance and Mortgage Broking). As there is no 'one size fits all' with property investment, he is on a mission to help ordinary Australians create wealth for their futures with personalised strategies and advice.

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