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Have you ever been faced with a decision that was too hard, too overwhelming, or too bothersome to make?

Yet you wish for the great outcome that decision can bring you.

So you keep talking about it. You keep wishing.

And in the meantime, days go by. Weeks. Years. And before you know it, it’s 20 years later and you realize time was the greatest asset up your sleeve – but you let it slip.

By not making a decision to act – and do something to follow through – you made your decision.

Don’t feel bad about this. You are not alone.

We all do it with some aspect of our lives. At some point.

Not taking action is one of the major reasons why people don’t achieve their goals in life. This may be in business, in sport or even in love.

One area that we see it a lot is with investing. One of the most common things I hear when meeting a client for the first time is:

“We have been thinking about doing this for years” – with regards to purchasing an investment property.

So why is this the case?

Managing Director of ASPIRE Property Advisor Network, Richard Crabb discusses some of these reasons and what you can do to break the costly ‘do nothing’ cycle.

The 2 main ways are: 1/ Change your mindset; and 2/ Get professional guidance.

1/ Change your mindset

A huge reason many people don’t take action is they want to research, analyse, and learn.

This is great – but set a deadline on this process rather than letting it drag on for years.

Richard recommends you:

“make a date in the diary to simply sit down and consider your desires for the future. Go into long-term thinking mode.

What do you want to achieve?

More wealth, less tax and better cash flow?

Retirement options at a reasonable age?”

2/ Be open to professional guidance

Where to start?

Another big reason people don’t act is from fear:

Investing in property is a huge undertaking.

They don’t want to make mistakes. It all seems so complicated.

They get struck down by analysis paralysis.

They get caught up in the costly cycle of inaction.

They don’t realize what they’re paying:

When you don’t act, you are paying in your time as well as your money, such as the returns you could be making, or the lower tax you could be paying.

This is where professional guidance from a reputable, independent advisor can make a difference. The support, advice, and reassurance you will get can make the experience easier.

A complicated process suddenly becomes much more approachable.

Property investment can be simple

At Simple Property Investment, a partner of the ASPIRE Advisor Network, we use a proven, standard 7-step process with our clients.

The same process is used with all clients in all other advisories in the network – that’s how we know you are in the right position, mentally, as well as financially, to invest.

That’s why the first of these steps isn’t about choosing properties – that comes later.

First we help you get prepared to invest: goal setting, assessing your position, borrowing capacity, and setting your comfort level.

Then we run through property options and the buying process.

This is how we’ll help you conquer procrastination. And follow through to help you own your own property. We’ll help you take action that in 10, 20, 30 years will:

  • Secure the quality of your life – and your family’s
  • Ensure your are financially independent
  • Give you the lifestyle you want
  • Set your kids up for the future (if that is one one of your goals)


It’s easy to delay decisions, even though your goals are important to you. Don’t waste one of the most precious assets you have:


Make the decision to act – and follow through. Rather than ignore tough decisions, identify what is holding you back. And work to find ways to move forward.

The 2 ways to follow through with yourself in investing is to:

  1. Change your mindset
  2. Be open to professional guidance

Just remember, you can do this!

As always, if you want to have a chat with someone about this, I am always up for a coffee. In the meantime, download your free e-book Property Investment: 10 Essential Considerations.

    Nick Holden

    Nick Holden is the Founder of Simple Property Investment and an insured, qualified Property Investment Advisor under the ASPIRE Network industry body. He is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and Cert IV Financial Services (Finance and Mortgage Broking). As there is no 'one size fits all' with property investment, he is on a mission to help ordinary Australians create wealth for their futures with personalised strategies and advice.