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It all starts with a single, little step

Over the last few years, we’ve been approached by many first time investors:

“My husband and I have been recently interested in purchasing an investment property. We’re in need of some advice and not sure where to begin.” – Amelia

“We are weighing up whether we should turn our current home into an investment property atm, so looking for some advice..” – Steve

“At 55 yrs thinking for first property investment. Should have done 10 years ago but oh well. Also my 2 young adult children looking to get started too.” – Geoff

“I want to start my journey into buying my first property here in Melbourne. I would appreciate if you could please guide me on how to start, requirements and everything that is required to buy a property. I also need to be assessed on how much loan I can borrow.” – Luisa

“I am interested with property investment. I have educated myself for the last 12 months and have a basic knowledge of property investment. I would like to have better financial plan, strategy and financially freedom through property investing.” – Hendrik

The key theme running through these messages is this:

I’m not sure how to invest, but I really want to get started.

These families are a handful of hundreds of thousands of families who are being proactive about where they want to be in 10, 20, or 30 years.

Even the 55-year-old gentleman, Geoff, who wished he had invested in property 10 years ago. He realizes he can’t get that time back. The main thing is, he took that first step by sending one message.

He didn’t just hope and dream about the lifestyle he wants.

You see, you can read all about property investment – and sharing knowledge is what we’re about here at Simple Property Investment – yet when you don’t take action, nothing changes.

I get it, investing in property sounds like an overwhelming, daunting, scary big deal.

It’s natural to procrastinate, run, or ignore what we don’t know or fear.

Instead, what about approaching property investment as you have done with other major changes in your life.

You’ve done things like this before – you can do it again

For instance, I’m sure you’ve needed to move homes at least once in your life. And if you sit down and thought about all you need to do to move – you’d talk yourself out of moving.

Sure you may feel nervous and stressed about it. Even if you’re looking forward to moving, it’s always a big deal to uproot and set up somewhere new. Perhaps you uhhmed and ahhed about moving until you were forced to move by circumstance.

Or perhaps you didn’t have the luxury of uhhming and ahhing: maybe you wanted your kids to go to a certain school – and you’ve got to be in the school zone before the deadline for school applications.

So what did you do?

Amongst a long list of tasks, you likely:

  • Went to a whole lot of open inspections to find the next place to live
  • Chatted to real estate agents and filled in a handful of applications
  • Hired boxes or dropped by Bunnings to grab empty boxes
  • Went through all your possessions, room by room, placing everything into boxes
  • Arranged a removalist (or a bunch of good mates with trailers and muscle!)
  • Called utility companies to let them know of your moving in date
  • Got on with the glamorous job of cleaning to either a/ get back your bond or 2/ show the new buyers this place is worth every dollar

You see, moving is a huge deal.

Yet you take that first step, which leads onto the next step, and then hey presto – you’re in your new home, in the school zone you want your kids to be in, and you’re ready to camp there for the next 7+ years to see them through school.

You can do the same with property investment

Except instead of just seeing your kids in a great school, you’re looking beyond that:

You’re considering what happens after they finish school: perhaps how can you help them get a headstart in the property market.

And how can you make sure you have enough for a lifestyle that involves travelling overseas 3 times a year.

Not having to rely on minimum wage (pension).

Being able to splash out and get that little farmhouse you always wanted.

Or simply be able to spend time doing what you love (or didn’t get to do while you were so busy working):

  • Play more golf
  • Spoil the grandkids
  • Drive around Australia in a campervan
  • Go skydiving
  • Quilt for the homeless…

Instead of being constantly scared you’ll be out of a job when you’re 65 because you can’t afford to retire yet.

So you have the vision.

Now take that first little step – as you have done before. As so many proactive, forward-thinking families have done by sending me just one simple message.

“The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money” – Warren Buffet

Invest in time. The money will come.

Take one little step.

Give me a yell, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re still not ready, let Geoff’s words sit with you a little longer:

“At 55 yrs thinking for first property investment. Should have done 10 years ago but oh well.”

Nick Holden

Nick Holden is the Founder of Simple Property Investment and an insured, qualified Property Investment Advisor under the ASPIRE Network industry body. He is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and Cert IV Financial Services (Finance and Mortgage Broking). As there is no 'one size fits all' with property investment, he is on a mission to help ordinary Australians create wealth for their futures with personalised strategies and advice.