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You’re determined that this year will be different. You’ve taken precious time to make your new year resolution to save for that holiday, furniture, car, the bigger home.

You’ve declared it excitedly to your mum, dad, the kids, siblings, the cat, the dog, whoever will listen. That is a great first step to making it happen. Next is to actually save the dosh to make it happen.

Here are a few ideas to load up your bank account with an extra $20k…

All it takes is a bit or research, a few calls, and a small change to your weekly habits. Ka-ching$ is yours.

Utility bill discounts up to 27% of your usage may be available if you ask for them, and pay by the due date
SAVE $400+ a year

Health insurance could be more competitive if you haven’t reviewed it for more than 1 year: call your provider and shop around to see if they are still suited to your needs and give you a competitive rate.
SAVE $600 a year ($50 / month x 12)

Spring clean once a year and sell unwanted clothes, shoes, toys, household items, electronic goods. Be ruthless. If you haven’t used it in 1 year, sell it.
SAVE $500+

Shop smarter for groceries at bulk supermarkets such as ALDI or Costco. It could halve your usual bill eg. SAVE $7,200 ($1,200 bill drop to $600 / month x 12)

Review internet and phone plan regularly. Check your usage, for example, if only use 10gb but paying for 30gb, switch your plan – $50 / month x 12 –
SAVE $700

Pay off and cut up credit card (and stop feeding the banks!)
SAVE $4,300 (average amount Aussies owe according to

Prepare lunches 3 days a week instead of eating out
SAVE $2,880 a year ($20 x 3 days / week : 60 x 48 weeks – excluding 4 weeks annual leave)

Dine in once a week instead of that dinner out
SAVE $2,400 a year ($50 – $200 / month x 12)

And to save that little bit more per year:
SAVE $960 on Coffee: $4 x 5: 20 x 48

SAVE $360 on Cinemas: $120 x 3 ( including tickets and snacks for 4 people 3 times a year)


This is just an example of areas of your budget you could tighten up, and these numbers will change depending on your situation and priorities.

In all this, do remember to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It may be sitting at your favourite cafe enjoying a coffee / picking up takeaway on your way to work, or having Friday night work drinks at the pub. Enjoy! Just keep the big picture in mind…

‘Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago’. Warren Buffett – the most successful investor in the world.

What’s your favourite way to save?


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Nick Holden

Nick Holden

Nick Holden is the Founder of Simple Property Investment and an insured, qualified Property Investment Advisor under the ASPIRE Network industry body. He is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and Cert IV Financial Services (Finance and Mortgage Broking). As there is no 'one size fits all' with property investment, he is on a mission to help ordinary Australians create wealth for their futures with personalised strategies and advice.

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